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Additional Information

Hoodlamb clothing is made from Hoodlamb hemp which is organically grown and sourced directly from farms where it is hand sowed and harvested, thereby creating some of the best hemp fibre in the world. After harvest, the raw fibre is spun into the fine, strong hemp thread that is used to weave custom, sustainable fabrics. 

Their commitment to making outerwear that is both comfortable and functional continues to inform their designs. Integrate practical features throughout their collection helps with the small but important needs of daily life, like built-in sunglass storage and cleaning, magnetic closures, earplug loops, caring steps, and the mythical secret pockets. Hoodlamb jackets are made using hemp, the strongest natural fibre on earth. Their craft approach means they use only the best handpicked natural hemp and organic cotton to create strong and sustainable fabrics that resist the elements and insulate from the cold. All source materials are grown without pesticides or synthetic agricultural chemicals and for this reason their products are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, breathable and very durable.

Buying Hoodlamb

Hoodlamb have been passionately making the best possible stylish and sustainable outerwear for over twenty years.

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