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Their quality denims, tops and accessories inspired by American classics with a japanese eye for detail, All kings of indigo items are designed to last long, quality wear for the next era. Every garment is made with a conscience, the kings use innovative and sustainable production techniques where they can. Quality and sustainable innovation as key features. They bring the best of both worlds in denim the minimalistic beauty of the pure, japanese denim and the tough characteristics of the classic, American blue jean. design, durability and sustainable innovation are at the core. They are working towards a perdition process that is completely sustainable, from the raw cotton, to dyeing the yarns, to the finishing process next to the use of recycled and organic cotton, alternative washing and finishing methods are used, laser, ozone and ice blast. These reduce the waste of water and bring the use of chemicals down to a minimum. Kings of indigo is pioneering in using post-consumer recycled cotton in new fabrics. For the apparel collection kings of indigo uses many innovation, sustainable fabrics such as TENCEL lyocell, recycled polyester, recycle wool and organic cotton. Kings of indigo cares for the environment, every garment is made with a conscience. At the HQ 40% of the energy is generated by renewable energy from solar panels.

Kings of indigo is working towards using packing and branding on the product that is made from 100% recycled to symphony to recycle them into new fabrics.

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Kings of Indigo are producers of top quality sustainable denim apparel.

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